Tip-Off #1

Spam and phishing, be gone!


UNAIDS has been the target of spam, phishing and—worse still—ransom emails in recent months.

Outlook does a great job with its built-in spam checker and sends suspected spam emails to Junk.

Best efforts aside, the spammers are often one step ahead of the technology that tries to block
 their efforts, making it impossible to block all spam emails. So, we deal with them as they arrive
  by removing them and adding the senders to the blocked senders list.

Your vigilance will help is in our quest to keep our email a clean and safe environment.


Never click on a link in an email unless you are absolutely certain that
 it is legitimate. If in doubt, ask!

Spam? Phishing? What’s the difference?

To see more, including tips and tricks on identifying nuisance/malicious emails, please click on the PDF link below.

Also available on:


If you have questions or require assistance, please contact the
 UNAIDS Global Service Desk:

Email: gsd@unaids.org

Global dialling: 14800 (external: +41 22 79 14800)