The instructions below will guide you in organizing an ad hoc conference call using the Cisco Jabber application.





Unlock your IP phone by pressing the Call Restriction button.

 2 Enter your PIN code, then press Confirm to unlock the phone. 


Enter the first participant's telephone number, then press Enter.


From the same/active call, click the ellipsis icon (… ) or More menu option, then click Conference. 


In the Conference window, enter the next participant's number, then press Enter to start dialling.


As soon as the participant answers, click the Green icon  to bring the participant into the conference call.

Information icon.JPG If the participant is not available:

  • Right click on the participant line.
  • Click Remove.
  • Press Resume to go back to the conference.
  • Add the next participant by following step number5 and 6.


Repeat steps 5 and 6 to add more participants to the conference call.

 The maximum number of participants in an audio conference call is 16,

      The maximum number of participants in an IP phone video conference is eight.

Read more: Cisco Jabber (HQ) 

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