Follow the instructions below to configure your Skype audio devices.




Launch Skype.

2 Click on Tools in the menu bar.
3 Click on Options from the Tools drop-down menu.


Click Audio settings in the left side of the Options window.


Select your microphone from the Microphone drop-down list.

6 Click on Make a free test call (under the "Other things you can do" heading at the bottom of the Audio settings window.)

  • The free test call will check that your speakers and microphone are working properly in Skype. The online assistant will prompt you to record a message and then play it back for you so you will know right away if your audio setup working.

If you can hear the recorded message and your own voice, you are correctly configured for audio.

 If you cannot hear your own voice, try selecting a different speaker from the Speakers drop-down list.

7  Click on Save.

Read more: Skype audio settings 

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