If you need to install Google Chrome on your personal computer, go to Google Chrome web site (https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/) and follow the steps below.




Click on Download Chrome


If prompted, click on Run or Save.

If you chose Save, double click the installer file to start the installation process. Your Home page settings and browser history will automatically be imported from your previous default browser.


If ... Then ...
Your platform is Windows 7/Vista/XP        A Chrome window opens automatically when the setup is complete.
Your platform is Windows 8 A welcome dialog box appears.
  • Click Next to select your default browser.
 If you chose Google Chrome, it will launch as a Windows 8 application from the Start menu.


Double click the Google Chrome shortcut on your desktop.


Enter your UNAIDS e-mail address and password.

6 Click on Sign in.
 The first time you open Chrome you will need to click on the Link Data button.


Click on the OK, got it button to finish.

 The next time you open Chrome, it will automatically sign in with your account.

Read more: Installing and using google chrome on non-UNAIDS computers


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